She Is Acting Strange... Cheating or Personal Issues?

Well me and my girlfriend have been dating almost a year.(Long Distance Just 15 minutes away) Two weeks ago she asked for a break I could understand because she had a lot going on, her mother just past away in July of this year and she got a lot of family and other personal issues going on in her life. So during the break I found out that she was talking to one of her male friends from high school. She told me that he was only a FRIEND and noting more and plus he has a child and she told me that she could only see him as a friend and nothing else, a week later she and called and said that she really LOVE me and want to be with me and can we start things over she said her heart is with me and she will never leave or ask for a break and that she will even change her cell # for I don't have to worry about anyone else. She say she wants to b with me 4 ever but I told her I couldn't trust her since she just up and left on a break and start talking to that guy. She say she do what ever it takes to get it back. But since we been back together this past week she acting sad and down and acting strange barley want 2 talk on the phone..she said she wants to meet up this weekend to talk to my mother. I keep asking her is she feeling that guy or some1 else she keep saying NO I only want you but she acting real distant. She keep saying its no other guy its just she misses her mother and she don't know how she going 2 keep her bills paid up with no job..I ask her if I'm stressing her out she said NO I need you here you keep me strong. She just acting really out the normal. She sleeps a lot she doesn't call me as heavy. but she swear its no other guy she claims she deleted every guy # out her phone I haven't seen the phone yet. We pose to go out for dinner this weekend. I do have trust issues but I also feel like she is cheating but she really do have a lot of problems going on right now she really don't have a place to stay or go.. I'm confused. She claim if I leave her she will be even more depressed. I DON'T KNOW what 2 do I ask do she need more space she said No I need you here with me. One min she say she c a future w/me and the next she be like I don't know about anything now. What should I do...I really do love her..


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  • Ahh man this must suck. I can understand how you and her are both feeling.

    Your feeling suspicious of her and at the same time you love her and want her to be okay.

    She's feeling grateful of you and at the same time pushing you away.

    I think the best thing to do about this is to talk to her about it, there won't be a right time to do so and it won't be easy if she is cheating but just ask her, straight out. Ideally, she shouldn't have to delete every guys number off her phone and you need to accept that it's human nature for guys and girls to contact each other and be friends. Having problems with trusting my other half myself, I know how hard it is and how suspicious you can be but honestly from the heart, don't let these thoughts of cheating ruin what you and your girlfriend have. I've been there, done that, got the broken heart to prove it and it hurts like hell, especially when you find out there was never anyone else and you might just end up pushing her away with your insecurities.

    Be empathetic, she's recently lost her mum which I can only imagine how horrible that would be, that can take a lot of time and strength to get over. Your girlfriend was probably only talking to that guy for some support because maybe she felt like she couldn't go to you at that moment in time? Try and consider all the options, no matter how difficult it is, don't just jump to the worst thought imaginable.

    Support your girlfriend, she needs you right now, it's nearly Christmas a time for family and for being there for one another, it's likely she's thinking a lot about her mum. Just be mature and grown up about it, be prepared to face the truth and whatever happens will happen.

    Good luck to you, I know how it is and I really do understand how your feeling but just don't let the trust issues over come you, you're better than that (:

    • Wooow thank you for that great advice... You need your on talk show.. I we talk a lot and she slowly coming around. She keep saying its no other guy its just her mind is moving at the speed of light.. I'm going to spend Christmas with her. I'm going to stay behind her cause I love her and I want to be there for her and once agin thanx.

    • Awwh I'm happy to hear that your supporting and trying with her, good for you and best of luck with the future and everything, I'm sure everything will work out for the best :)

    • thanx

  • She isn't cheating. she's just having a lot of personal difficulties. You need to stand by her more then ever right now. Her emotions are just going all over the place, which is frustrating. It'll get better. YOU need to be strong and encouraging and empathic for her.


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