What does it mean to be a break?

three things occurred starting last night and up to this morning. and I think I my girlfriend got frustrated and decided to be on a break, I don't really want it but ill do anything for her.. what does this actually mean in terms of talking or whatever.

TO BE ON A BREAK* I'm a little upset right now sorry.


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  • She just needs to get away for a while to re-energize hersewlf and her thooghts on the relationship. Think of it as a vacation from a job. It doiesnt mean you quit your job you just checkin out for awhile so when you come back your refreshed again, energized dfor whtever her reason is for needed a break from you. Sometimes a break can lead to a break up but not all the time. That person will come back but dependin on how they feel when they are back with you, will let them know if the relationship is still strong enough to go on. Breaks are good in anything that gets overwhelming because it is time to think about everything. So, hon, let her do what she needs to do if you want to keep this relationship alive. Its not about you right now. Be patient and understanding, don't pressure and don't assume anythin. Just endure it and when she comes back, accept whatver it is that happens after.


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  • It's a good thing to do when you're upset. Step back! Take a look at yourself! Think about what you want from a relationship! Sometimes it's hard to think straight while you're dating.

    Always something you won't regret doing.

    • what if we both know what we want but things just piled up and someone blew off on the other

  • yeah, it means I need to rest from you a little or it's over.

    Also...you say "girlfriend"...are you really a guy or a lesbian?


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  • it doens't mean a breakup. she's not going to be dating other people or sleeping around. she's just going to take some time away from your relationship to do some thinking and reflecting


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