How a guy can move on that fast!!!??

I have dated this guy for 3 years, Our relationship kind on and off.. We argue a lot, and last month we finally break up, like for real this time. But after a week, we break up, I saw he is dating another girl, and then I saw them kind like making out in the car one night, I asked him who that girl is, he told me just a friend of his, then The girl came out the car, called him a boyfriend, and then he called that girl a sweetie...I MEAN HOW THE HELL on THE EARTH A GUY CAN MOVE on THAT FAST ? JUST 1 week after we really break up. He broke my heart!

He called that girl a sweetie in front of me after 1 week we break up, we have been together for 3 years.. THAT'S so MEAN,I mean I know its not my business anymore who he is dating and stuff, but what's our past 3 years means to him?! Means nothing! Even not worth him to take time to heal? I told him I never want to see him or talk to him, or do anything with him anymore...I am so DONE! He is like a stranger now, I feel like I don't know him anymore! And I thought I can stay friends with him one day,But NOW, NO WAY!

I will never can forgive him ! I don't love him anymore, and I don't hate him, I just think he was cheating on me when we together, otherwise , the girl won't call him a boyfriend just after ONE week we breakup!

Is that called a rebound relationship? or he cheated ?!

I will never can UNDERSTAND how can he do this?! just one week after we breakup! :((((


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  • If he instigated the breakup, odds are he was cheating. if you instigated the breakup it was probably a rebound. Of course that's just a guess.


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