I'm weird with relationships, help?

When I really like a guy and we hang out I get tired of him and freaked out by him. And then when we don't "talk" anymore because I don't like him, I end up liking him again. What's wrong with me?! I need advice.


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  • I'm the same way. Figured out that I am just attracted to the initial attraction (if that makes sense) and I get freaked out when reality starts to set in.

    Try being friends first and don't tell him you are attracted to him and try not to act on that attraction. Get to know him first and if you still like him after a little while, go for it. This way you can like and unlike him, without hurting his feelings and without putting yourself in awkward


    You know how everyone says you should make a guy wait. You should make yourself wait, too. It may take a few times of "trying" to wait, before you get the hang of it, but keep trying.

    I've never been one to keep a lot of friends, but the guys that stuck around to withstand that initial attraction phase, without having sex, have become my best friends. No promises, I'm still not "dating" anyone, but I hope this helps.


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  • holy crap! I'm the exact same way lol I first like a girl then we end up being boyfriend and girlfriend and then I get tired of her ( I don't know why? lol) then I stop talking to her/break up with her..


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  • im the same girl. youu just have to find someone that doesn't make you bored.


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