How do I get over him?

So I started going out with this guy I had known for a couple years. He'd had a crush on me since we first met, he admitted to that. I thought we could last longer than a couple months but apparently that wasn't the case. It was embarrassing the longest relationship I have ever had, roughly one and a half months. Anyway we broke up. Well it was more like he stopped talking to me for a month then led me on one day to beleive he still cared and then continued to avoid me (oh yeah he also gave me his REAL cell number that day and still hasn't deleted me from facebook and took until a week ago to change his relationship status to single, which I know I would have done but as far as I can tell [i don't know if I can anymore] he isn't that way). He never actually, verbally broke up with me which might be why I can't get over him. Its also because I actually cared deeply about a guy for once (I wasn't pleased and wanted to break it off at first) and I just don't know what to do. I never had any closure and I still care about him. I still wear his armband, just on my ankle where no one can see. I don't like hitting on guys because I still feel like I'm with him even though I'm not (I know creepy and stalkerish I can't stand it!) I know I need to get over him I just don't know how. Any advice?


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  • ... what a jerk! Why would he miss out on breaking up. I love breaking up with girls I don't like anymore. The tears, the quivering lips, the "but, I love you". You should just live your life, date other guys. He might be jealous and that will be your revenge. My last girlfriend I broke up with cried and said she loved me but less than a week later she started dating some guy that had a crush on her since way back. Moral of the story is, I think she is happy now. Time will heal all wounds. Your young so stop falling in love so easily.

    • im not in love I just care to much okay love is not an emotion I do!

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    • Would you rather I text? "Sorry, but I am breaking up with you." I meant that I rather break up with a girl in her face. It's obvious that if I don't love her or have feelings for her that breaking up is the only option.

    • okay I'm just saying the way you worded it sounded cruel

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  • I hate to say it but there is no quick fix for these kind of things...

    You just gotta keep yourself busy with friends and anything that will take your mind off sure there are plenty of boys around who have been checkin you out, you jst don't no it:)

    on another note I've been reading a lot of this ITALIAN BRO comments and man aren't you a little LIMP D*CK JERSEY SHORE mean trolling around being an A**HOLE to every1 isn't on man...your mother should of swallowed that load

    • i agree with that last part (^_^)

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  • ok so ik exactly how you feel. First you have to accept that its over (ik its hard and it was for me to), and then if you have to cry it out get all the anger and sadness out of you. how I did it was I actually convinced myself to forgive and forget him, my mind is slowly stopping loving him, and I'm just moving on from him. What you need is to just get you mind off him. so just face the facts

    forgive and forget

    then delete nything that will remind you of him

    then just get a good girls night out or throw a big party

    you can do it :D


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