Should I try or just let it go?

The guy I've been seeing almost a year, broke it off after a big fight. He said we argue a lot. We don't argue over serious stuff, we bicker but most times he found it to be funny & often said we argue like a married couple. We are total opposites but complete each other. The whole time we were seeing each other. Everything was up to me. He didn't take much initiative in anything. We didn't see each other too often because of this. He'd say we should have done this or that..but would never ask. When I tried, he was usually busy. He always questioned if I really liked him. I let him meet my family to show him I did! We talked everyday. I never got to meet his fam & never went to his house. We were never official. He said we had to get things straight before we could be serious, but never explained himself. After he ended things, we talked on & off, but I didn't get the same vibe from him. We still talked IF I texted or called him he'd text/call back. But last week I texted him twice & didn't text back for a few days. When he did I didn't even respond, why should I? He ignored my text. I do admit he doesn't like to text. Now I'm stuck wondering if I should still talk to him or just forget about it. I don't feel like he's into us like he was before, but then again everything has always been up to me. I thought about just ignoring him & see if he comes around. I really don't know. I really do like him & I'm disappointed we just wasted a year for nothing. any advice is appreciated.


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  • Honestly, I'm in a similar situation and it sucks. I'd say let it go for now. That way he can start wondering about what you're doing and why aren't you trying to talk to him. You already wasted a year like I have, why waste any more time on a guy who doesn't appreciate your efforts and reassurance. If a guy doesn't like to text, he'll still text anyways just to talk to the girl he likes. There's a reason you were never official and why there was always second guessing and never a straight answer. Honestly it could work out where you stop talking to him for a few weeks or a month and he starts reaching out again. If he likes you he will make that effort if he thinks you've moved on or he's losing you. If he doesn't, then you know where you stand and you can try your best to get over him. It'll be hard, but sometimes you have to protect yourself and wait for a guy who will take initiative and introduce you to his family. You deserve that guy. I hope I helped, if not I'm sorry and I hope you figure things out :).

    • beautiful answer! Yes I think I know I need to let it go & whatever is meant to be will be. I hate giving up tho lol. And of course it hurts to let go.Its funny I've been in this situation before & waited a lot more time than a'd think I'd learned my lesson. Thanx for your answer & I too hope you find happiness. =)

    • Thanks :). I know giving up sucks, but sometimes it's what's necessary. It'll get easier and think of it this way. You were in that situation before so you survived so the same thing will happen this time it's just a matter of time.

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