It's been 3 months and I miss my ex like crazy?

I've been going out every weekend to clubs but no guys approach me and I'm feeling hopeless like only my ex can save me . Omg this is by far the deepest pain I've ever felt and it hurts so bad .He checked on me 2 days ago but said his not coming back so I told him to not contact me so I can move on but I'm going crazy.I don't have real friends they only look for me to go out and party. Ugh what can I do and if someone succeeded this how did you do it?


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  • Hey, I felt the exact same way about a month ago... but I'm starting to feel pretty positive. I also felt that no guys were approaching me (and the ones that were, were the creeps) and I thought I just want my ex back! It's true though, time does heal that... and soon you will feel content with yourself again. Remember, you coped well when your ex wasn't in your life so you can cope now!

    For me, what I first did was constantly going out to clubs throughout the week, and this really didn't make me feel any better. It works for some people but not for me. I felt like I needed to learn to be me again and work on myself. I started a diary of how I felt each day, and it helped. Looking back now I think omg I can't believe I actually felt like that! Its shown my progress and makes me feel more positive. I also started working out more, and I've done lots of shopping. It's great to go out and socialise with your friends but sometimes you don't even need that. Just work on yourself, set some goals or do something you've always wanted to do and I promise you'll feel better :)

    If you want to chat anymore feel free to message me. Good luck!


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  • when me and I'm ex broke up(cause he was cheating and I was with him 3 years) I bought a bottle of jack and a pack of ciggs call me girl friends up and we all got drunk and make a fire...i burnt all the letters he wrote me while he was on paris island(usmc) burnt all pics of us together,burnt all the clothed he ever gave me.then I bagged up all the crap he had at my house and me and my girl friends drove by his house and threw the baggs in his yard.yeah me and the girls where crazy that night but we had a blast!lol! and the next day I got my hair cut my nails did bought a sexy outfit sexy heels and I when out to a house party with my friends and we had a sexy single party (then my friends brought out a birthday cake that said single again and sang to me and I blew out the candles lol) and this helped me lol and I had a blast and felt free lol ...anyways just try to have fun take care of YOU and hang out with the girls or family helps

  • I'm currently going through the same thing in a way. I was casually seeing some guy, we had great times together and everything then out of nowhere he disappears on me and I just found out why... he has a new girlfriend! I agree with you on this being the deepest pain ever, but then again it is NOT the end of the world or men! I know it does hurt a lot! I don't have real friends either which is why I joined this to talk to someone... the best thing to do is TRY not to think about him and how "great" and "awesome" he is. Concentrate on being sexy, go out shopping, keep busy and don't answer his calls or anything, you'll just get your hopes up again!

  • I'm going through the same thing, and so far everyone has said that when you're so attached with someone, then it could take years to recover. Good luck.


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