Big fight with ex and need an objective opinion! Could really use an opinion!

So I have absolutely no idea what to do with this guy and need your help! I dated/lived with my ex for 2.5 years. He dumped me in January because we fought too much and it was bad. He initiates contact a few months ago and we started talking again. We hung out 2x and fell back in love. He asked me to move in with him, marry him, be his boyfriend. I say no but show him how much I still like him and we get along great. The past 6 months he's been dating a girl. they were never exclusive but saw each other occasionally since they're long distance. He basically said he wants to call it off with her because he can't stand her and he's still in love with me. He's said he's been trying to break up with her for the past 2 weeks but they're still together because he thinks they might be able to work things out and we would never work out because of our differences. He treats me like crap and finally end up calling when she's with him and talk to her. I tell her all the things that have been going on and she doesn't believe them. I'm hysterical over this. 20 Minutes after this call he sends me many texts saying thanks a lot, she left me and congratulations you got your way. He says move on. An hour later he sends another text saying "I'm sorry for everything. I deserved everything that happened to me. Even though I can't stop crying, I put you through so much pain and heartbreak and now I know what it feels like." I reply to nothing but today I send a text saying "you caused so much unneeded pain and drama for all of us. I did nothing wrong." I haven't heard back from him.

Obviously he was treating me like crap because he wanted to be with her all of a sudden once he realized we wouldn't work out. But should I really believe that it's over with her and that he wants nothing to do with me?


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  • Regardless of whether it is over with her, or if he wants anything with you or not, you shouldn't be pursuing this guy.

    Look at the situation, this is absolutely ridiculous! He set himself up for disaster and then blamed you, and them himself. This is a freaking roller coaster, f*** this dude.

    I highly suggest cutting contact, if he tries to call you or anything just ignore it. You both need to move on. I know 2.5 years is a long time, but you can do so much better. You don't need to be treated like crap.

    • Thank you for your thoughts. I'm so emotional now that I can't think straight but that's what I thouht was happening. Yes, he created this giant drama thing when everything was cool because he wasn't mature enought to tell either of us girls what he actually felt. This is why we ended in the first place, because he couldn't communicate and then blames me for getting upset with him. I think I'm justified in this case to say that he's the one who ruined everything. It's hard to move on,

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