Should I drop ALL contact with my ex?

He broke up with me. We loved each other but we fought. Anyway, he got a new girl fast who's besotted with him and his friend jokes she's the uglier version of me. Anyway, he still wants contact like texts and calls despite being with her so quickly and breaking my heart. He's extremely attracted to me and not her. She's really into him and he likes that. I bumped into him and tried to keep walking but ended up talking to him. Can't believe what he said. He said, 'in the future, when I'm free, we should hook up.' I can't believe he said that. Does his girlfriend realize how he feels and what he said to me. 'in the future, when I'm FREE.' really? Do you think I should quit ALL communication with him? Can't help thinking he's turned into d*** as of late.


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  • Olivia. This is the third time I've seen this same question from you, and it's not like I've been paying any attention! You clearly have strong feelings for him, else, why would you be so preoccupied with him? And yet he appears to be an arsehole. He's a snob, he broke up with you, he talks of sex (not a relationship, curiously) with you while with a girl, he seems to have no regard for your feelings (or hers), and that's only from my limited information; he IS a d***. Is that really the sort of guy you want to invest so much energy in? At the expense of those two other guys, who were evidently rather nice, and seemingly hurt by your behavior (well at least one of them was). If his behavior is so intolerable then do what you know is the right thing. Ignore him, stick to it and try and move on. And if he asks for an explanation, you may do so. Explain everything, even in a letter or email if you feel you can't find the right words in person. Clearly you shouldn't even consider this guy unless he atones for his past behaviour, which he will get the opportunity to do once he knows, though it doesn't sound like he will. Do what you know is right already, cause this faffing is likely perpetuating your suffering and of those other guys even more. Least this way you can know one way or the other. It's surely that straight forward?


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