Are there any honest men out here?

I'm 23 and have my own car and job. I genuinely am looking for love and would never cheat on someone. Yet I've been burned twice already this year. One guy cheated on me and dumped me by text message. The other said he wanted a relationship with me. But after we had sex, dumped me because he " didn't want a relationship". Lame. I've been asked out by other guys, but then they turn out to have either a girlfriend or wife. Sick and tired of being screwed over


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  • It's is hard for me to tell you that every guy out there is good. As a matter of fact, I personally feel as though there might be less good guys out there than bad, but that does not mean you cannot sift through and find the right guys. You need to reevaluate what you are looking for in a man. If your most important aspects of a relationship involve physical features or money then yes... your going to get burned everytime. As well, you need to meet people outside the bar, this is not a place to find a person to be in a relationship with, this is a place to simply meet up with people.

    This so called "game" sucks. People, both men and women, do what is best for their own happiness. Guys often equate happiness with having sex and bragging about it with their friends. I know this, having most of my friends that are still like that. But understand there are good guys out there. I am testament to that. You need to work through and find your guy, and it will take time. I am 24, have a master's degree, own a house, a car, and have money... I have also never cheated on a girlfriend (and I am by no means ugly, having had many relationships with some beautiful women). You will find a guy that will make you happy, but there is no problem with waiting and raising your standards if the guys you are meeting are not what you want. There is no reason to settle. Just to let you know though, every guy wants sex... you need to determine which guys want sex but also want to be with you, while there are there are other guys who just want sex and want to move on. You have already discovered this, having been burned by it. Good Luck, you'll be okay.


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  • I suggest keeping calm and trying to focus on something else. I've been struggling for a while and, say, three months ago, when someone from my family asked me about boyfriends and stuff, I said- "Yeah, okay, when I feel like a little pain, I'll just go and slam some door when having my hand in the way". Was sick of it all, really, long string of utter dissapointments. I went to this party that I didn't even feel like going to, my hair was dirty and all :P but I felt the need to at least wish this person a happy birthday. And, well, I fell for my ex's best friend :) have been together since, it's really good... I let go of the need to have someone so it went naturally, I'm happy now...

    I know it sounds pretty much like a fairytale, but don't you think that's how it works? You don't get what you want if you push too hard.


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