Should I talk to my ex boyfriend or not?

We dated 4 years he broke up with me he still says in contact with me 10 days is the most we haven't talked to each other out of 3 months he use to text me once a week to get mail now he's been calling me lately. my dads in hospital he said he would come with me he did then he was talking to him mom and told her bout me he came in after we got back for hospital and talked to me for a little then left he said keep me posted on your dad I said OK well the next day I text him and told him bout my dad he said OK just let me know I said OK, I went to bar that night and then next day he text me did ya make it home safe I said ya thanks I don't know if he's giving me signs he wants to get back or not should I say something he tells me I'm more interesting to talk to he tells me about his family and work and who he hangs out with... what should I do


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  • Did you talk to him?


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