Is my ex still cheating?

OK here it goes. My ex hubby had been together for 11 years before our divorce cause he cheated on me with a 20 year old and he was 40 at the time. We have 2 kids together. Well since our divorce we have been on again and off again. Her recently he said he would change and forgave him and moved back with him. Well it started off great. But now when I ? Him he gets mad and angry over anything. Well I was told he had been asking another girl out on a date. N the person who told me said that she would tell me the truth so I asked this girl well she swore up and down she wasn't and she was married has 5 kids that I have nothing to worry about. Well he found out and demanded that I tell him who told me that. So now when he gets a phone call. I ask who it was and he gives me 2 to 3 different people. I can't even look at his phone to see his list of people he keeps his keys on his phone cord charger so if I move the keys he will know. Also when he leaves in the morning he tells me he going hunting or coyote hunting but when I call he hasn't even made it there yet. I don't know it so upsetting me. I want to know the truth. But if I ask anything he says I'm doing it cause I'm accusing him. Please help I want to know for how to find out. Everyone in this town don't like him that's what I here but when they come and talk to me they have no evidence. Please help.


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  • First of all whom are you married or in your case a relationship with? That person you’re sleeping with is whom you need to have an open communication dialog with, not Mr. and Mrs. Nosy body. If you came and ask me jack said (I would stop you and tell you to pack your crap and go be with jack) geez, get people out of your relationship. That the first thing.

    Never go and confront someone you think is sleeping with you (whatever) he is to you. This is between you and him, she just having sex with him. It’s you two that has this problem not her. Heck, she’s getting what she wants. Confront the cheater and if you have a problem with him then put any end to this for good. Look around and find a door, one of you should use it and be done with this mess.

    • Hey. Thank you so much for answering my ? Well I can't even talk to my ex he has anger issues. But I'm hvin to to sneek out cause he will go balistigue. We have no communication skills. I can talk to him fine but he turns everything upside down and throws a freakin fit. But I am tryin to leave for the final time. But thank you for your answer it really helped:)

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  • Once a cheater always a cheater

    • Yeah I have always believed that, but I'm a firm believer if you say your going to change I believe you will. But guess I was wrong this time.

    • Even if he changes, the trust is still pretty much gone. Even if some trust returns, it will never be the same. That's why I've been a firm believer of no reforging of past relationships into what they were. Maybe a friendship, at most, but that's it.

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  • I agree with Soon103, leave him and be done with it. Or is you can, then try to have a convo. with him about the problems. If he refuses to deal with it, then you know its time to pack up and go. Being single is better then being ignored by him.

    • Thank you for answer. I am tryin to leave. Just havin to do it while he's away.

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