She said she would put me down to convince herself she wasn't attracted to me?

a girl who I ended up being in a relationship told me this once. she was in my group of friends and she would always say rude and insulting stuff to me...sometimes she'd take it way too far. later when we dated she said she did it because she had a boyfriend and she did it to try to control her feelings for me

sorry but wtf! I've never heard of that and to be honest that sounds really crazy to me. do a lot of girls really do this? or was this just her? and was her apparently liking me while she had a boyfriend really that much of a problem? I've found other girls attractive while being in a relationship but wouldn't think to deal with it that way


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  • Wow. That wasn't nice. I don't know about other girls, but I wouldn't do that. She was probably affected by you and maybe her relationship with her boyfriend was deteriorating and she thought it might be because of her attraction to you. So she was angry that was failing and she was being unfair to you. Like she couldn't admit it to herself, like it was something she wanted to suppress.


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