He cheated on his girlfriend with me... how do I move on?

So I met this guy over a year ago, we talked a lot and soon became good friends... Eventually I started to fall for him. I knew he had a girlfriend, but he never (and still to this day) has never mentioned her to me. I don't know her.

we got to the point of talking every night till 3am on the phone, and then one night at a party we got drunk and I kissed him, I pulled away and told him I was sorry... But he kissed me back and said it was OK. We went back to his and had sex, and then the next day continued to be best friends again... We still talk every night and I love him more than ever and we haven't kissed or had sex since, I know he doesn't regret it and as much as I should, I really don't either :( I know its such an evil thing to do and yes I might be a w***e but its how I feel. I know he is a d*** for cheating on her and not even feeling guilty but... I just don't know how I can move on from him? I don't want to lose his friendship but I know the more I talk to him the more I'm going to keep falling for him... what do I do?


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  • So I'm a d***, and did this with a girl/girlfriend. If we're not feeling bad about it, it's because we don't see the other relationship going anywhere, or because we have the gut feeling (right 70% of the time) that they've cheated on us.

    The girl I cheated broke it off with be because she said she couldn't trust me anymore for cheating on my girlfriend and not feeling bad about it. I ended up finding out that my gut instinct was right, and that my girlfriend was messing around on me (mutual vow of silence), and now I'm alone again.

    That being said, I can't offer a neutral opinion on what to do next. This is just the view from the guy side of the situation. Yes, I'm a d*** for doing it, but hell - I'm tired of getting my heart broken.

    • thank you, I wasn't labelling all cheaters d***'s, because obviously I know everyone has their own reasons, I was just referring to this guy I know because he has no reason to cheat on her... I guess it felt right at the time so, we're only human hey

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