Was giving her a letter the right choice?

i wrote a letter to this girl I like. we were seeing each other for a month then went on break for a month but were still hooking up every so often. then she ended it for good for another guy. she's single again after 2 weeks and I still like her.

Christmas break was coming up and I wanted to say something before we left for home and were gone for 2 weeks.

i wrote her a letter telling her I liked her and what made her special. she said thank you for the letter but hasn't talked to me since.

was it the right choice to tell her how I felt?


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  • I think it was the right choice. Now the ball's in her court so you're not going to wonder what if. GIve her space to figure things out and if she still hasn't mentioned it ask her what she thought of the letter. That way you can get closure in case she really isn't interested anymore.


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