Anytime my name is brought up she gets livid.

I dated my best friend of 2 years, for 7 months. The relationship didn't work out, I really did love her, and we always had amazing chemistry. But she was very jealous even though I'm not the cheating type, and never have been. Her jealousy caused a lot of fights. In the end I was just too stressed out and always felt like I was walking on eggshells. I broke up with her after a massive fight she picked, she called me apologizing later and we got back together. Then for a week she spent it just screaming at me for everything. She broke up with me, and even wrote all the names of the girls she thought I was going to cheat on her with and put them in my bag. She then said she wanted to get back together, then she wanted a break. Then she wanted to just be friends. And there were some games, saying she just wasn't ready for a relationship right now but we were going to get back together. So I ended communication. I reached out to her because I saw she was having a bad week. And we got along good for a couple days. Then we hung out. She was very friendly towards me, but it was just awkward. I still had a lot of feelings for her, so I told her I thought it was best we stopped being friends. She then accused me of being suicidal, obsessed with her and spying on her throughout the break up. We've been broken up a months, and all I did was start working out religiously and got a better paying job with lots of hours. I've stayed out of her life, I didn't ask my friends what she was doing or anything else. My friends came to me telling me she had befriended a few of my female friends she hated throughout our relationship, and then tried to make them choose between me or her. And apparently from what I have heard anytime my name is brought up she gets livid. Any thoughts on this whole situation?


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  • This very much reminds me of my boyfriend's stalker ex-girlfriend. She was entirely too obsessed with him but they started dating. He ended it because he didn't really feel anything with her. I was her friend so I'd let her vent to me about him, but all I'd here was him. If you were talking to her for about two or three months after that, all you'd here about was still him. It got annoying, like REALLY annoying. So I stopped talking to her. When he got back into flirting with girls, she'd befriend that person and/or tell them that they need to back off because he was "her's". Let's just say, you need to cut off all connections and be mean to her if you need to. Your ex seems a bit like my problem or at least turning into it.

    • Yeaa and that's the other odd thing. She's going around telling people I was the obsessed one when she was the one questioning me If I took more than ten minutes to walk to the store and back. Like when we split, she knew I wanted to get back together and work things out, until she started playing games with me. So I don't get her deal. I haven't played games with her, I was honest and sincere the whole way through. I haven't even had a rebound.

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