To text or not to text? That is the question...

So, I have been seeing this guy for about a month. He has always been consistent at replying back to my texts, except for last week. He asked me me out last week and I agreed. Its been five days since I've last heard from him. Would it be weird if I texted him and asked him 'what's up' or should I wait for him to text me? I'm starting to get a little impatient. I mean, no matter how busy one gets sending a text takes only like two seconds.


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  • did you guys go out yet? if so, then just forget about him and move on. Its not even worth the worry if he dosnt want to talk to you now.

    if you have not gone out yet then yeah.. text and ask wassup.. are you still alive?

    infact just text him that anyway.. "Are you still alive?"... and just ignore what he says back .. if he says anything at all. Move on.. make him chase you, not the other way around

    • We have gone out, on several dates. Its just weird that he dropped off the face of the earth because he always made such a great effort to make time to see me before.

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  • How did it go when you guys went out? When you guys text each other, who usually texts who first? By the sound of the story, it seems like there might have been something that happened or that you did that made him turn his head the other way.

    Either way, I'd text him. guys love the attention as much as girls. If he doesn't reply, at least text him good night and again good morning. If he still doesn't reply, something's definitely up. More background details would be good.

    • Hmmm...he's usually the one who texts me first. Our dates always went really well. We always had a great time. We had great conversation and we just felt very comfortable around each other. Maybe him more so than me, actually. He always held my hand while we were out, he was always a gentleman, he was very affectionate towards me. I don't know what happened. Maybe he's waiting for me to make a move for once...I don't know.

  • Either he is dead, in the hospital, or there is another girl who has entered the picture.


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  • Girl run and don't look back

    no guy/girl should ever go almost a week with out talking to the other person

    simple as that!


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