Was she flirting back or did I p*ss her off?

I was going to hang out with this girl but she said I had to wait for her to finish studying, I agreed and sat quietly. I caught her glancing at me and I smirked, she said what then f*** you and she went back to studying. I caught her looking at me again smirked and she said f*** you again. Did I p*ss her off somehow? Or was she mad I caught her?


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  • First thing first, congradulations on finding a girl who thinks studies are importatn to her because they are. Anywho, I believe she was just flirting with you. When she was looking at you she was indicating some interest and when you smirrked she probably took that as you flirting back. So she saids omething playful to make you think she didn't want you to catch her. I think in no way did you p*ss her off. Good luck!(:

    • thanks for your answer. part of the reason I like her is she is smart and it definitly more fun spending some time talking about politics etc then just gosipping.

    • your welcome and it is good to know that there are still guys out there who think that the smart girl is the right choice and not just girls who are a pretty face and an empty head.

  • In my opinion F you- is quite a harsh thing to say...but If you already have a jokey playful connection- ie she whacks your arm and you tease eachother- its flirting. :)

    • yeah she does whack my arm and we tend to tease each other, at times she makes fun of everything I do. I was in the same thought pattern as you I thought she was being kind of harsh.

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