Do you think he is going to come back to me?

OK! So here is my situation. I started dating a guy who had just split from his wife who he has two kids with one is his and the other is hers but he is raising as him own. Well this man is a really good hearted person and loves his children more than anything- obviously! well anyway we had the most fun time together, we never fought, he told me he loved me and that he doesn't know what I even see in him, we were truly happy. Then one day being the woman that I am I started letting my head think things and started to get insecure about our relationship which made him question it also- long story short---he told me he was going to have problems everywhere he might as well try and work it out with his wife so he can see his kids all the time. Which I respect but the way I was led to believe things was she was lazy, was a bum, did not work, did not clean did not do anything she wouldn't even put out or get dressed up for him anymore, she never has complimented him and he wasn't happy anymore, so he said. He told me he "HAS" to try this for his kids so he will know he tried if it doesn't work out. he broke up with me begged me back and then broke up with me again AND then the next day he dropped off a present at my house 20 minutes after he bought it I called him to thank him and he changed his phone number...

I know this may sound stupid but I honestly do not feel I have gotten rid of him. do you think he is going to come back to me?


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  • His wife sounds like a great catch.. I wonder why he married her in the first place? Ah, perhaps he isn't giving you the whole story... Nah, men never do that...

    I can guarantee you he will come back when something goes wrong with his wife or he gets bored. You're the backup plan now.


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