I am afraid I am losing him. We hardly talk.

The guy that I recently started talking to back right before Thanksgiving has totally twisted me around his every word. I have grown to care so much for him and now I am afraid I am losing him. We hardly talk if I text he claims he is busy but he text my sister and told her why he was busy and that he didn't want me upset. He seems concerned sometimes and other times he seems to not care. I have my first class with him and he sits next to me, but today he moved to the other side of the class and we didn't speak at all. I am afraid its becuase he texted yesterday and I didn't text back but I'm not sure what's going on. I care about him a lot and don't know if I can handle losing him so soon...Please help me out.


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  • yea you guys are definitely falling apart. only thing you can do is talk it over in person.

    • How do I go about talking it over with him without triggering it. If ever I threaten to walk away he loses composure and begs me not to... why? if he doesn't care about me anymore then why? ):

    • you don't have to threaten to leave. just tell em straight up that you feel like the two of you are distancing and that you don't want that. And if he doesn't straighten up then its your right to leave him and he shouldn't lose compusure because its his fault and you made the effort.

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