How do you let go of the one person you think of everyday?

see I found someone almost so fitting for me. he was always there for me, we spoke everyday. his kisses were like intense chemical reactions lol. we fell and love, with each other.we were crazy for each other. everything was great. but we can't b together, for certain reasons. & now I left with this annoyed feeling. thinking on why I let myself fall and love with him. it sucks finding someone so rite for u, but also so wrong.


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  • that is just nonsense.. f*** what everybody else thinks - their problem, not yours! both of you are gonna end up miserable because your surroundings apparently don't love you guys enough to see what makes you happy... there's a reason why you let yourself fall inlove in the first place.. I hate falling in love because it sucks when it hurts badly for no reason - but it also makes life sensable and exiting.

    just take things slow because of your child, but sure a happy mom is better than a heartbroken one.

    Ask yourself what the right thing for you would be?


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  • Has he gone forever? I don't think you ever do get over that kind of love. I was in love with a girl when I was in my teens for about 8 years and I still dream about her and wonder what she's doing. Its not a sad reflection now and I always smile. If he's not gone for good then you should at least tell him and unlike me you will at least be able to stay intouch and you never know!

    • ive been trying to contact him for several days. sice I saw him yesterday & we didn't really get to talk. " are you ok" was the only convo we had & it was from far lol. at least he asked. but idk, I can't reach him by phone anymore. & I emailed him, but I have yet to hear back. & I can't show up at his house, because the last time I did that caused this hole issue with his mom, who doesn't want me with him.

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  • why can't you be together? it would make it easier to understand and help...

    • pretty much everyone doesn't want us together because I have a kid & more experience then him

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