Should I IM him, wait for him, or just let it go?

met this guy a few months back and in the beginning everything was great. We would talk for hours at a time, we hung out one on one and also with a group. But recently he started to cancel plans at the last minute. I understand that he's busy with life. So I didn't think much of it.

But then he canceled twice in a row, when he was the one who did the asking. And I kinda got fed up with it and deleted his number from my phone and when he contacted me, I was polite but kept the conversation very short. And I think he's got the point that I'm kinda mad at him cause he stopped talking to me.

I miss talking to him as a friend.

I asked if I should IM him because like I said I deleted his number. Should I? What should I say?


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  • You may not like what I'm gonna type, but you are over reacting. IM if you like, it's up to you what you wanna talk to him(e.g. the things you usually talk to him etc.), but don't quarrel with him. x


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  • well if it' just a friendship, why not IM him. I think you should also tell him how you feel about him standing you up and If he just want you teo to be friends..Communication is key.


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