Should I add this guy or just let him go?

I noticed a friend of a friend on MySpace and added him but we never really talked. Now we both have facebooks but we only have one mutual friend. I think he is cute and I've saw on his page he is single and am I.

Would it be weird to add him?


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  • I've never understood why girls have such problems making the first move. Not only should you add him, ask him out.

    • If a girl added you on Facebook and you barely knew her like I barely know him what would be the best thing to say? Should I go along the lines of: Hey, do you remember me? or should I just start liking pictures and commenting on his status? Which he put on up and it said something like bored text me to hang out. I think its too early to be like hey lets hang out because I don't know him.

    • Nah you've got nothing to worry about. If there's one thing guys like its a random date. Just remember him the next time you're doing something cool. Get his number, call him up, and say these words: "Hey my friend and I were going to go sky diving. Do you want to be our third?"

What Girls Said 1

  • a little bit if you've never even met him. could you ask the mutual friend to set somoething up/

    • Well I have saw him at my work and talked to him a few times but never like "hi my name is___." I don't really trust our mutual friend because I was talking to him a while back and he seemed like a bit of a

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