What would be the best way to tell someone you like them?

Let's just say I really like this guy, me and him are sort of dating but what could be a way to show him I like him without being too blunt or something? Should you tell directly, etc..?


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  • Yeah, sometimes being blunt saves you a lot of effort, even if it seems traumatizing.

    There are ways you can do it, like if he reads books, find a one he might like and leave a not somewhere on it, preferably on the cover. Or electronics, like e-mail or texts. Some girls nailed me with an awesome text. You can always let him take the charge, but I'm guessing you're afraid it will take too long.

    • Awesome thanks for the advice...yeah I'm sort of worried about the timing on things although I shouldn't be...me and him text sometimes back and forth...im trying to figure out what I could actually say to him through text, etc...With him I'm not exactly sure if he'd be ready for a relationship.

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  • Tell him directly is always best.


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  • Go for it girl. Just be blunt about it. Not a rude blunt. Tell him that you're DEFINITELY interested. Don't beat around the bush, that only prolongs the process and he could find someone new. Tell him, go for what you want ;)


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