My lifestyle and dating?

So my question is for the women.The last two women I dated left me because of life style and or hobbies or at least that's what they told me.I dated one of those women for almost four years.I played rugby for my college I work out and I street race.Why can't I seam to keep a girlfriend?I don't cheat I treat women the best I cab with out being a wuss and getting walked over Are my hobbies that bad that I can't find a girlfriend?


Would you say my hobbies are that bad?Most of the women I talk to think I'm dumb for playing a sport with out pads and I'm just asking to get hurt,they are talking about rugby.
I play right wing.


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  • Personally, I think that is an excuse because of your "hobbies". If a women really likes you she will not care about the hobbies you like or whatever else. Like yes we may get annoyed like my boyfriend who smokes a lot of cigs, but I wouldn't leave him for that.. I care about him to much where I put up with it. I don't think you found the right girl who loves you for you. But don't worry there is a reason why you break up so you can find the right one! Also maybe you were both too different who knows, though with that beening said opposites also attract. but best wishes!


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  • Which position do you play? I'm left winger for the Women's Navy team!


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  • your hobbies is what attracts the girls- the ones who dumped you wanted the relationshiop to be all about them... and the women who think your dumb for playing rugby... forget about em... too many women LOVE 'footballers', rugby players, etc... just haven't met the ones who can appreciate that about you... so don't trip.


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