Why would a guy say this to his ex?

First off I'll give you some background.

We we're never really friends and we kinda rushed into a relationship.

We broke up so we could work on our friendship and planned to get back together but that never happened.

He dated other girls.

After he broke up with one girlfriend we started hanging out again and becoming real friends for once. Then the feelings started to arise and he asked me out on dates and treated me in a way "just a friend" wouldn't.

Things got confusing and I'm not going to explain it all but point is, is we're not together, and he has a new girlfriend.

And a girl that I approve of too. I think they're a really good match and I wish them happiness.

But he contacted me a week ago. I said I wouldn't let this bother me and I would shrug it off, but it's been bothering me. And it's starting to make me mad.

(Mind you, we haven't talked in a month, and suddenly this note came out of no where.)

He said in the note that he knows why we didn't work out, and that was because we didn't get a plant.

First off I was really pissed off at him for saying this because it was one of our old memories and special events that we never got around to fulfilling. Getting a plant symbolized us growing together. And it seemed like he was using one of our special memories as a ploy to manipulate or get a reaction out of me at first.

I replied with "why are you even bringing this up?" and he responded with "lol I dunno" and that was the end of the conversation.

So why would a guy contact his ex saying this? I just don't understand, nor, see the reasoning behind it, other than to manipulate.

He's in a great new relationship that deserves respect and he shouldn't be running around contacting his exes this way.

A thought raced through my head that maybe he's not over me, but I quickly dismissed that because I just don't see how it's possible. Because HE was the one who LEFT ME.

I just don't understand and frankly I'm sick of it. The next time he contacts me pulling something like this I might just block him. Is that a bad idea? Am I being to brash and cruel?


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  • not at all. he's playing games with you. he's being immature. just ignore him. don't give him a reaction because that's what he wants. act like you've never met him .. its the best revenge


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