How do I get him back if I've might have pushed him too far away?

So a situation came up between me and my boyfriend in which he was upset about something that he did to me. We were supposed to meet for lunch the next day and he never called. So I left messages/texts made a bunch of phone calls for two days straight trying to figure it out and see what happened?

Its been almost three weeks and he sent me a final goodbye text message wishing me good luck with my future.

I, as an idiot replied with three text messages!

Now I realized, he probably wasn't talking to me that one day we were supposed to meet for lunch because he needed his space, and instead of me giving it to him I kept calling.

I think I came across as too needy and this pushed him away!

During our relationship I never showed that quality, I was always confident and independent and I think that is what he liked about me, so when this happened it must have turned him off!

We live and hour and a half away and we will probably never cross paths, he rarely checks his I have no idea how I can get him to come back without seeming too needy?

Any ideas?


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  • maybe you could email him and write what you wrote above stating you should have given him space etc and you apologize etc. but you can't seem clingy. tell him you agree with break up, wish him luck to and tell him thanks for everything etc. Then tell him that everything is good, your terms of ending are good and stay in touch as friends. once a week contact him.

    and by the way indpendant and strong is good, but guys do like girls who are into them and caring and sweet and stuff. so don't be too strong and ind.


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  • Move on, you are up the creek without a paddle... Don't beat yourself up, just learn from it. It's not to say you guys never will get back together but it will probably not happen for a long, long time. Try and keep in touch every once in awhile but, don't hold you breathe. Enjoy your life, move on. I know you are at the point where you don't want to hear this, I've been there. There is no rememdy for this, just time. Sorry but it is the truth...

  • Crazy situation. What exactly did he do to you that upset him? He probably thinks you are still upset and does not want to talk to you out of guilt. If you are over whatever he said, text him and tell him. And reassure him that you still want to be together.


    my ex girlfriend last year was so into me but like she was so desperate that I had to drop her within a week :( like she wouldn't even let me hang out with my friends at lunch and this was only the start so I didn't want it to get worse so I did what was best for me. now she stalks me like everywhere she even comes to my gym when she lives so far and has plenty of gyms there. it feels awkward like I don't even feel like having sex with her anymore:S so don't be needy just be like hi lol as a start and see how it goes from there.

  • I don't know.. you didn't say much on what your "situation" was about.. maybe you deserved it


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  • I'm pretty sure you acted like any one else would have. You meet for lunch and poof he disappears?! Is he crazy? He doesn't have the time or decency to 1. Tell you what's up and leave you left for stranded AND he 2. Can't even break your relationship clean in person?

    Sounds immature and childish to me. Whatever the reason is for his breakup is not worth trying to figure out and there is no relationship worth salvaging. If he can't take your relationship and emotions to enough respect to at least break up in person, then why take the time and effort to try to work things out with him?

    Move on to someone who has a little more class and maturity babe. Your too beautiful and way too mature for this boyish crap.


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