Anyone here with a partner who previously cheated on you?

My girlfriend cheated on me 7 months ago but I forgave her and gave her a second chance and lets say till now she's been honest with me, but the problem is that I still don't trust her and I doubt almost everything she does cause I am really scared to get hurt again..

should I give her my full trust again , and if yes!


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  • This is the problem with forgiving a cheater, it's near impossible to ever fully trust them again. Your mind will always jump to the worst case scenario which will continue to cause problems in the relationship until one (or both) people get fed up. How do you start trusting her again? There is no simple answer to this question. Most people are never able to trust someone fully that cheated on them.

    • I can't I have personal experience, but I saw this happen to a friend of mine. She and her boyfriend both cheated on each other several times and tried to work it out and it eventually fell apart.

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