How the men's mind works?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up in April this year. I hooked up with common friend, that really infuriated him. But we have been texting and seeing each other all the summer. we even spend some nights together on excursion in september and it was amazing !..but we had a fight, and we haven't spoke a word since than.he has a new girlfriend now, and they look happy(we go to school together, I see them everyday).I need to know why he provoke me with his status on MSN that are directed to me?! IS IT POSSIBLE THAT HE IS STILL LOOKING FOR REVENGE ?!


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  • What did the status say?

    But yeah, many guys will try to make you jealous. They want you to see that they are over you and on to bigger and better things. Why not do the same and stop dwelling on the past?

    • in some way I stoped interfering with the past, but he didn't..and that's make me angry and reminds me on everything !

  • Shouldn't have hooked up with the common friend, that is f***ed up.

    • what happend, happend..he is now in the relationship with my acquaintance..and he broke up with me, I can be with anyone I want !

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