Walk away or be friend?

I’m happily single😊 but my ex hit me up (we broke up about 2 weeks ago) I thought he was my world and everything. So one Friday we went to the fair he was drunk (we have a beer garden there) and he kept telling me how much he loved me while showering me with kisses. Saturday was his bros bday he goes to the bar gets drunk with him then texts me saying he’s not a good person for me. Confused I call and he just kept saying how he’s an asshole etc then some girl takes the phone saying I can’t wait to meet u (his married neighbor). Sunday hits I visit him but he seemed different so I left him early then Monday he texts me in the afternoon saying he’s been thinking and isn’t ready for a commitment. Yeah I don’t see that coming especially since he was showering me with love 2 days ago. Now yesterday he texts me saying he misses me and wants to see me. I told him how he made me feel and that I’m not interested in having sex with him. He texts back saying it’s not that I want to see you honestly and that day we broke up he said he was having a bad few days. Should I see him? Do you think he’s trying to get back with me? Your thoughts about this situation... also to throw in there I have a sushi date with a co worker tomorrow 😊 so I’m enjoying being single and open to new things
1 y
Sushi date was good he opened his Camaro car door for
Me, pushed my seat in at the table and just was such a gentlemen 😊 had a great night. My ex he went hunting but I don’t see any love coming back for him especially when my co worker treated me like a women. I’ve only met 1 other guy who opened the car door for me and was a gentlemen. Definitely would go on more dates with my co worker in the future!!
Walk away or be friend?
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