How do I let him know I'm still thinking about him?

I started talking to this guy right before we went on break for Christmas. We live 7hrs apart and it's Christmas now, so we're both out and about constantly so it's hard to be in touch with each other.

I wanna text him in the morning and let him know I haven't forgotten about him while I'm away. What's something good to say, so maybe when I see him in a few weeks, we can escalate things more?


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  • It's too hard to seee each other not worth it

    • Umm, okay...can you tell me why you think that? We're just talking right now so I don't see why continuing that over break is a bad thing. And even if it didn't work out we'd be friends, so I don't see why you think it's not worth it at all

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    • random girl online + her xbox 360 + black ops> Douche bag online

      You can say whatever you want, but I have t*ts and I play Black Ops. I win :P

    • I don't care about t*ts and ok? 1v1 me?

What Girls Said 1

  • maybe like I hope you have a good Christmas and fun over the holidays blah blah ask him what he's doing or something so hell be inclined to text you back and then you could talk about like uve been thinking about him or can't wait to see him or sumthing


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