Why does my ex boyfriend/friend get angry when his friend's hit on me?

hey so I've been friends with this guy for 2 years...we dated briefly for 2 months and were friends even before that and after dating. he had some drug problems in the past and it was long distance so we stopped seeing each other (he was the one who broke it off) and didn't for like 7 months when we finally hung out and we were good friend's again and chilled as usual. HOWEVER, a lot of the times his friend(s) tend to hit on me when we are in the group and sometimes his friends message me and hit on me. every time my ex/friend get's angry at them for it...one day I asked my ex's friend as to why my ex get's angry and he said that it is because: _____(my ex's name) wants to be the one to have random sex with you...

we just left it at that...

why is it that he get's angry?

**ps. my ex and I don't see each other often...maybe 5 times a year cause we go to different schools during the year...we mostly see each other around summer time. he is also terrible at keeping in touch but he DOES put in some effort...


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  • even if he has a kind heart , looks like you have to put up with a lot


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