How likely that he will contact me?

okay...long story short. My ex and I dated 1 yr, 4 mths off and on. I treated him badly (always accusing him of doing things behind my back) and he treated me badly (slapped me twice, pushed me etc). I live in pa and he moved back to michigan because he lost his place and has been there since april. we tried to make it work. we kept fighting tho because I couldn't trust him (I have problems trusting men). he said he was willing to stick by me and help me through it. however, he just broke up with me for good 2 mths ago.

he warned me what would happen if I kept treating him badly and not having faith in him, but I didn't believe him. and now, here I am, crying all the time because I miss him. I love this man with everything I have. but, 3 weeks ago, he told me to leave him the hell alone, that I'm poison and even dedicated eminems 25 to life song to me saying that's how he felt. I gave him what he wanted and haven't contacted him since.

but I want to. I don't want him to think I've moved on. if you had said this to your ex, how likely is it that you would contact her? or would you still want her to conact you? keep in mind, my ex told me that he wanted to marry me and have a family, but that he just couldn't believe me when I said I loved him (cuz I never showed it) thanks


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  • People say the craziest thing when they're mad and take it back when they calm down. Leave him alone let him get his head straight. If you were a good woman to him he will contact you. But you definitely need to work on your trust issues. I understand that someone might have broken you heart but you can't hold that against every single guy that comes in your life. Because if you do they will come and go. So stop crying and work on yourself and see how you can be better for him when he contacts you. because when he does contact you he will look for changes in you. If he can't see that then he will be happy with his decision. I have said worse to a girlfriend then come crawling back, so don't let that get to you much.


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  • why would you want to be with someone who slaps you and pushes you around?


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