Should I move on or try again?

long story but to spare the details here's a summary of our relationship.

met her here then she moved, we ended up trying a long relationship and I ended it months later, we stopped talking then 5 months later she texts, we talk a bit but I pushed her away, then again months later she texts, this time she was with someone and I got turned down. another 2-3 months later she texts and we hit it off this time, we didn't go out but we knew we both wanted to. Again we tried dating but things didn't work I broke it off, we stayed in touch this time but you could tell we texted less and less but she would still randomly text em things like "god I love you so much". So about 3 weeks ago I accidently sent the wrong text to her which said. I'll be down stairs around 5 be ready. she text me back saying maybe we should move on if you haven't yet. I was pretty angry and ended up saying yeah we should this is a waste of time blah blah blah basically being a jerk. 2 days later I write her a letter and anxiously wait for a text which never happened ( I ended up texting her). she said she was busy and blah blah so I backed off, then a week later she texts me saying something like hey did you hear what happened blah blah blah pretty much striking up a convo, then I mentioned how a commercial she likes bugging me with is on TV and she never answered. it's been about 10 days now and she hasn't text or even mention my letter. I haven't text her either. should I just let it go and move on or should I try texting on more time? we've known each other for 6 years and always been on and off (in the meantime I try to date other girls but that doesn't help me forget about our fight


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  • im in the same position, on off on off , it won ever stop until your break the cycle!, ithink if you really truly love her and cannot imagine your life without her then talk to her and tell her how you feel but its gotta be a risk like and all or nothin kind of thing, if she dosnt want to get back then you need to completly move on -goood luck, by the way why did you date other girls whilst you guys wernt together were they rebounds if not it means you can't feel that strongly for this girl if you were dating around? xx


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  • oh dear ... all the advice in the world will not change a thing. You two are crazy for each other and the sexual tension is building. Its annoying because your still waiting for a response(and rightfully so) --basically I think ya'll should just fucc and get it over with. lol

  • Move on. Or at least don't text/call or write her anymore. When you stop chasing her I promise you she will text.

    • thnx for the reply I just ended up deleting her number and everything so I'll just try to move on :) thnx for the tip though I appreciate that

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