Ex purposely throwing new girlfriend in my face?

So my friend and I were supposed to go to this Italian festival last night...
Long story short, through A mutual friend, I found out My ex was going with this girl he met in the bar. And My ex also found out I was going... So me trying to be the bigger person, I removed myself from the situation bc honestly why spend my Friday night hurt seeing my ex with another girl. My ex announces to the whole room of mutual friends “I guess My ex is going to be depressed now that she knows I’m going to the festival with another girl..,. anyway so we change our plans and my friend and I decide to go to the bar with all our mutual guy friends and have dinner. So my ex finds out that I am not going and says good I didn’t care anyway. That mutual friend also mentioned that we are going to the bar with our friends. 30 MINUTES LATER after we are all at the bar and ordered our dinner My ex texts The mutual friend “actually change of plans I’m coming there” and the mutual friend was like dude Seriously your ex is here like come on she changed her plans for you. He goes IDC.
So he shows up and he stayed the whole time he wouldn't leave until I did. Once I left he decided to leave too...

Wtf? Can I have any outside insight on this. Do you think he was being spiteful or? I don’t understand why he would come knowing I changed my plans

My ex and I dated for 6 years. We both work together so we share a lot of mutual friends. We broke up 5 months ago. We each dated our own people... I just don’t bring them when I hang out with mutual friends. My ex has a lot of narcissistic characteristics like making up lies and putting himself on a pedestal “I could do no wrong” he also talks about me 24:7 good and bad. He shit talks me a lot to our mutual friends and it gets back to me. I’m just so frustrated by this because I would like to just move on in piece and not have to deal with someone who keeps taking about me or following me.
Then I found out today that he was talking about me all day saying he didn’t know I was there and that he feels so bad hurting me.


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  • Wow what an pathetic idiot


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