I can't go back for her right now because I already showed interest in the other girl. Need a resolution to this story?

it started sophomore year of high school..i was flirting with this girl I liked .she liked me and I liked her but we never really got anywhere from flirting with each other.junior year we rarely ever talked because our classes were separated.We had one class together and all I can do was stare at her because she was on the other side of the room.She eventually caught the message that I liked her when she kept catching me staring and thought I was shy.The truth is I was just a little nervous but I can still start a conversation with her if I try hard enough.During my junior year I noticed that she wasn't so much into to me anymore..she don't talk to me as much or respond back to me the way she used to when we used to flirt.I'm thinking she moved on after all this girl was beautiful and finding a man with that kind of looks isn't so hard..

Now its senior year and I wanted a Girlfriend within my senior class.So I picked the girl that I had a crush with my freshman year.this girl showed interest in me and things were going well.It wasn't until I found out that the girl I was flirting with back in sophomore year still liked me.All this time everybody though I knew she liked me but I though she moved on. I can't go back for her right now because I already showed interest in the other girl.If I go back for her then I will break the other girl heart or if I go for the new girl I will break her heart.. I don't know what to do?...i haven't talked to neither of them for about a month or two and everybody is now thinking I'm a player...and every girl in my school won't talk to me because of that

i take any advice right now winter break is in to days and I want to end things before this...need more info ask


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  • It's all based on who you like better. If you started liking the new girl just so you could get a girl, then go for the original girl. It doesn't matter whose heart you break or who thinks your a player or not, it all matters on your own feelings for either of the girls. You've had a lit of time to consider both the girls so by the end of winter break you should be able know which girl you want.

    • I want the new girl but I want the old understand why I didn't talk to her. It was because I though she moved on...I dnt think I emphasized enough on the factt that people think imma player and neithier the guys or girls in my school like me because of that...I still got feelings for the old girl but she doesn't know and I dnt know how to go about telling her

    • Well it's easy. Would you like things to go unsaid and misunderstood for the rest of your lives? I think you should sort it out. Just confront the old girl and tell her why you stopped talking to her. Tell her that it was a misundertanding, and since you thought she moved on, you moved on to someone else. From there it's your decision to who you like better.

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