My ex got in touch.....what next?

My ex texted me for the first time in 2 months since we broke up and we spoke for about 2 hours. We live in different states and it was pretty much the reason we broke up. I'm still attracted to her and wouldn't mind a FWB relationship but am unsure if you can ever suggest this or whether it just happens?

I don't know why she decided to contact me (the last I heard she was seeing someone else) so not knowing her motives means I don't know if I can just bring up 'hey wanna be FWB?'.

What's the best way to initiate this? Keep up regular contact again or be blunt. I don't mind if she is just looking for friendship but how do I go about finding out what she wants without blowing my chances of something more?


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  • something more? more than what? Use her for sex and that's it...? I don't think that's better than friendship...

    She might have texted you to see if you can rekindle the relationship or she could have texted to find out how you are... she wants to reconnect for a reason but I doubt it's for fwb.

    I could be wrong but you will never find out unless you ask... ask what she contacted you for, I mean.

    • when you guys put it like that I can see how it may come across. I would be interested in something more than FWB but I don't see it happening as the distance is still an issue. But I am still attracted to her and if she is (still) to me then what's the problem? I don't know if strictly friendship can work whilst I'm still attracted to her can it? But I guess your right, I've got to ask why she contacted me in the first place.

    • You know... I have a long distance relationship and yes it has its hard moments. We both have separation anxiety but he and I express it differently. He withdraws and I get lonely. However, we manage to figure it out and make it work anyway. Just because you're separated by hours doesn't mean you can't be in a relationship. It's harder, but not impossible.

    • I don't know how much distance there is or if it's one of those once a year at Christmas and summer relationship but when I was in high school and went off to college I had a boyfriend who was still in high school. We made it work. And we WOULD have stayed well if he hadn't gotten horny for his college fling when HE went off to college the next year. He f***ed it up, not me. I would have stayed with him forever... but that's the kind of girl I am.

  • Most girls probably wouldn't be keen for FWB that's pretty much like saying 'Hey, I think you're really hot and good in bed, but I don't like you or respect you enough to make you my girlfriend, so I'm just going to use you to get my rocks off every now and then and probably never talk to you until the next booty call'. Yea not very enticing for a girl. She definitely is trying to either have a friendship, or a proper relationship, but I doubt its anything in between. Also, FWB will probably be hard if you live in different states..


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