Should you ever give someone that plays you a 2nd chance?

Me and my friend are having a bit of debate over something that happened last year. allow me to give a short run down:

1: I was extremely unconfident and had poor social skills

2: I liked a girl, and she found out by someone else

3: she decides to "play a joke her friend told her to do" by giving me a guy's number and telling the guy to text me pretending to be her

4: I find out and pretty much forget any possible futures with her, as well as limit contact with her to a minimal

Now my friend argues that because I stared at this girl often(I had poor social skills and very unconfident), and barely talked to her, that I creeped/weirded her out and that's why she did this.

My friend argues that that's more motivation to try again but be as confident as possible

I argue that nobody should ever give someone that plays them a second chance. Sure I was socially awkward back then(thank god I'm not now), and sure I did give her the wrong impression, but nobody like that deserves a second chance.


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  • Most people may say:

    "She's a cold hearted bitch" for doing something like that -> But now that I've read about the four agreements ( -> I tend to find that situation absolutely hilarious.. If I ever caught on to the guy talking to me I'd probably hand my phone over to a gay guy friend and get a new number.. Turn it right back against them? See what I mean?

    Should you give her a second chance? That's YOUR choice.. It's how you feel, in your heart.

    If your heart is holding a grudge against this girl and her actions -> My answer is no

    If your heart is holding a grudge against yourself and your actions -> My answer is no

    If your heart sees how fun it was and how it was childsplay -> My answer is yes.

    It's all in how you VIEW the situation, which makes you feel the way you do. That feeling is what predicts if you should (or shouldn't) give her a second chance

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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What Girls Said 3

  • Tell her to go f**k herself. That's plain cruel period.

  • she isn't worth it

  • Let go, & flow out


What Guys Said 2

  • You're right; do you want to hang out with someone who's shown themselves to be more than capable of making you miserable?

  • Definitely agree with you...


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