Is it over between her and I?

The last time I spoke to my ex was September 2nd. Today is September 18. On September 1st, She said she still loves me and I do still love her, but overall she doesn’t show it as she used to like she not 100%. She is home and I’m away at school. She broke up with me in April and the following month I had sex with a girl and I kinda felt bad in a way so I told her and of course she was angry with me. After that she didn’t speak to me for awhile which I deserved, but even after that she said she still loved me and that she had a dream of us getting married. But now I don’t know where her head lies and I’m not sure whether I should just move on or stay and give her some space.Is it over between her and I?


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  • How about love more selfishly? If I dated only girls for whom I was their most perfect match, with billions of guys on the planet, I'd be letting them go left and right in favor of better opportunities than me. The probabilities are weighted against me with those numbers. And they would be for any guy.

    Or you can take what you want, and maybe be a little selfish... I don't mean some possessive asshole, but not what you showed me now in that text -- lame (apologies if I'm blunt, I believe it to be for your own good).

    • I repeat myself but take some lessons from Thulsa Doom:

      Check out the ego and selfishness on that guy. I'd say if you can get halfway there, you will be a lot happier.

    • Take, take, take her like you did before... but as a conqueror, not as some wounded animal. Don't convince her of why she should prefer other guys -- you got her to build dreams of marrying you at some point. Rekindle those dreams, don't help to destroy them. You want her? You take her.

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  • Don't do this by texting. It's a giant fail.
    You need to sit down and TALK, face to face. You'll get WAY more out of it. I promise.

  • I think you two have checked out for sure

  • It's over


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