What's wrong with letting your girlfriend go to Bonnaroo by herself?

my boyfriend apparently detests the thought of me going to Bonnaroo next year without him. The reason I wanna go without him is because he doesn't like festivals like Bonnaroo and the crowds. And he also didn't seem so excited when I asked if he wanted to go. me-" Do you wanna go to 'roo with me next year?" him-"Yeah probably won't happen. Enjoy the dirty, drug-addled hippie sex you'll be having"

After that convo happened he eventually gave in and said that if he has the money he'd go. he didn't sound at all enthusiastic. I told him he didn't have to go if he didn't want to. and then he hung up. What's the deal?


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  • He doesn't like crowds and I understands where he's coming from but he's uncomfrtrable with it.


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