Anyway I can get her back?

So my ex and I are freshmen in college I met her in the beginning of September (when school started) And we got together right away she broke up with me in mid November. It was great the first month but the second month I like her more and more and got too attached I did not text her or call her over and over again I was clingy when it came to kissing I was a leech on her. We never fought or anything like that.

But I learned from my mistakes to apologetic to smothering etc but obviously it is too late. Sense the break up I have not contacted her except I sent one text saying good luck at her basketball game she replied saying "thank you :)" we have not contacted each other sense. We say hi to each other in the hallways but nothing more. 2 weeks after the breakup some new guy starts talking to her and I know she likes him so its a matter of time before they get together. I will not wait for her but part of me hopes we collide again. She's my first love.

But sense the breakup I have been hanging out with friends and working out trying to build muscle also I am going to get a new hair style that looks good on me (think bobby Valentino I'm black and white) But yeah it suck and I know what I did wrong and am doing my best to cope But like I said I hope we get back together but I'm not waiting around either

When she broke up with me she said she I treated her well I'm a great guy but didn't see it going any further I said OK and walked out her dorm.


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  • you should make a move. try on texting or calling her saying that you wanted to meet her and then you should start telling her how you feel. just do something because in the end if you don't tell her the truth you will lose. she might still likes you. even if she says she don't like you anymore after you tell her that you still likes her it would be much more better because you have let everything out. just be you and be honest. don't push her.

    • I see what you are saying but I don't want to push her away also the new guy is an issue I don't know how far they are. Lets assume they get together and break up and I am single at this time then I think I should do it but currently I think its a bad idea I don't know. I have been lying low on the radar and don't want to seem desperate because girls hate deperate guys. I like your advice I just don't know if its the right time.

    • i get your point.but,she and the new guy are not dating yet right?it's just the same,he went to her when you and her are just 2 weeks broke up.i know that it seems like it's not a good thing to make a chaos in ppl's relatioships esp when hey are about to get bonding but now it's about you.if you still likes her just go and say it because if you don't it will makes you even feel least,when you had told her everything and it didn't work out you know that you don't have chance and

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  • when you will realize that you don't have a chance and started to look for someone me when you tell her everyting even things didn't work out you will feel much more better. (sorry I have to continue here)

    • I agree its just the new guy in fact I consider them a couple granted I don't know if they kissed or anything but I know she likes him and I feel it would be better to do it when she is not seeing anyone. I mean its awkward even if you like your ex a little bit and he explains what happened even if it makes total sense while your seeing another guy. Sitiaution sucks if she wasn't seeing anyone I would.

    • you might still have a chance.but remember,if you seeing other girl which is not your ex,don't ever ignore her.don't complement about your ex like what kind of person she is,what you like about her,etc. if she ask you about your past,come clean and don't tell her that even when you had broke up you still have something for hurts! good luck :)

  • Sounds to me like you were too much for her to handle. Your "clingy-ness" freaked her out. Maybe she's into the guys that are jerks and play hard-to-get. You have one choice here. Ignore her. She will then respond by one of two ways: She will think you are playing hard-to-get and come back in which case I question why you would want a girl like that or she will forget all about you and chase after the anus attached to an ass. In which case, who cares for a girl like that.

    • I don't know if the new guy is a jerk most people in my school ar usaully pretty nice (I go to a religious college) and she is not the type to date jerks. but they are always hangingout and I'm pretty sure she likes him. And like I said I know I was too clingy but now its too late. But I'm giving myself a new look and working out and got new cologne and the whole bit hopefully she notices me and of course other girls in general.

    • Well, then once you give yourself a new 'do', I have a feeling someone sweet and lovely and perfect for you will notice. Good luck!

    • I hope so. I got the axe dark temptation set and getting my hair done and new set of clothes so we will see. Good thing I'm extroverted people will notice.

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  • She is either immature or lesbian. There are girls who likes to hang out with other girls and they like to gossip in the end. I think they are just not home girl type.


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