Why text her back in the first place?

so I just need to know if a girl is to text and you responded then she says what's up and you never text back why text her back in the first place?


me: hey


me what's up


explain please!

ahhh I know it seems like I'm freaking out he's just fustrauting! please just one okay answer would help


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  • I think the best thing for you to do would be to see how he is with you in real life. Texting doesn't usually mean much.

    Is this the only reason you think he's weird? Does he talk to you in real life? Does he seem to take an interest in you? If he doesn't take too much of an interest in you in real life, that could be why he doesn't feel the need to have a conversation with you via texting - he just doesn't like you that much, even as a friend. Don't take that personally though - it's not your fault; he just doesn't like you.

    But, if he does take an interest in you in real life, and if he does seem to enjoy talking to you in real life, then there's probably a legitimate reason he didn't reply to your text - maybe he was really busy, or maybe he went to sleep or something. Don't worry about it too much - just focus on how he is in real life. I'm guessing the reason you posted this question on this site is that you like this guy. So, if you like him, look for signs he likes you back - do you ever see him looking at you for no reason (for a longish period of time - but still, even five seconds is a long time to be looking at someone for no reason, when you think about it)? Does he seem to try to make physical contact with you when it's not really necessary? Does he seem genuinely happy to be with you or talking with you? These are signs he might like you.

    My advice to you would be, whether this guy likes you or not, flirt with him, to at least give him the thought that you MIGHT like him. That way, if he thinks you might like him (but still might not), he might choose to flirt with you to see how it goes if he likes you. And if he doesn't like you, he can just choose to assume you don't like him or just not think much of your flirting, and you two can continue being friends (or whatever you are lol - maybe acquaintances).

    I hope this helped! :) And don't lose hope if you find out he doesn't like you, because there are plenty of guys who do/will like you. That said, don't assume this guy doesn't like you, because some guys are pretty good at hiding feelings. So flirt with him and see how it goes.


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  • retardation?

    • thats mean coming form a boy who hates work...

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    • If you're not a boy, why does your account say you are one? Or are you being stupid and saying you're not a boy, but a man or something?

    • it's a riddle

  • This is one weird and awkward conversation.

  • down syndrome retard is the most likely explanation


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  • A lot of times when I don't reply, I'm just busy or I forget. I tend to do this a lot. I don't ever really mean anything by it, though.

    Texting is a reeeally bad way of talking to someone you like. Probably one of the worst but most comfortable ways of communication.


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