Why did he move on so fast?

he told me he loved me that he would never love anyone but me that he was afraid to come back to me so fast because when he broke up with her ex after 3 months they got back together , at first they were happy and then the problems started again, so he thought we needed more time to heal our wounds, he said he doesn't want to hurt me and wanted me to be well, during the first month I called him while I was drunk to beg, the next day he called to check up on me, 1 week after, he called me to wish me luck and to see how I was, after a few days my cousin saw him holding hands in the mall with her "best friend" and he asked my cousin to send greetings to me , I sent him a text telling him how low he was, then he started calling me, denying it every 2 minutes, the next day I said sorry its your life and you can do whatever you want with it, he said she was crashing his plans, the next week I called him crying because he erased all of our photos and he begged me not to cry and told me that he was sorry but that he did that for himself because it hurt him to see them everyday, that he missed me a lot and couldn't stop looking at them, then he begged me to call him "my love" instead of his name and started to cry, and asked me if he could come to my house and I told him it had no case to come by, that it hurt me that even tough I went out with someone it frustrated me that I couldn't forget him, he began to be very public with his relationship with her , he knows that I know all , the strange thing is that he normally is very private about his life,and after two weeks (2 months since the breakup) they're boyfriend and girlfriend. some people claim they do it to spite others say they do it to cover the wound and then when they finish he is going to come back to me, but I say that because he actually forgot about me and moved on, and has no feelings at all, I really was an excellent girlfriend, his family loves me like his friends, I always won people over, always gave him his place, helped him, support, gave him my best, loved him, made him happy, and after everything he's done I wish him all the best, but I can not believe he haves a relationship with the woman that he knows would hurt me the most. ¿why is he so public about it when he always has been private about those things? ¿is he already forgotten me so quickly? Why is he doing this if he says that I'm the best thing that has ever happened in his life and that he would never hurt me? ¿why he didn't took the time to be well with himself, so that when he enters to his next relationship he can be OK with someone else?



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  • First off both of you sound crazy as hell. No guy wants to see a girl begging and crying her eyes out. Your ex is a douche, the kid just said those things. He wanted to be single to be with other girls. He accomplished that goal, you should move on.


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