My new boyfriend still contacts ex.

I've just started dating this guy for about month, and he still contacts his ex.

He was very upfront with me about it and told me that they're friends and talk often.

He seems to contact her a lot more than she contacts him. They only dated a short time, almost 5 months but I think within that time they had a very intense relationship. He said it just didn't work out, he said he just saw her as a friend and that's why they split... But I don't know. I see that he texts her and posts a lot of stuff on her facebook too.

Should I be worried? Is this a red flag? Does he still have feelings for her and that's why he cannot let go?


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  • Nah, maybe he feels close as a friend to her. If he starts hanging out with her lots and doesn't invite you ever. Then I would start worrying. I talk to a lot of my ex's still and been with my fiance for three months now.

  • If he's honestly just a really friendly social guy- it could be very true that he's just friends with her. A lot of people keep friendships with their exs. I know I do with the ones that were nice. Sometimes people just don't suit in a relationship and realize they'd be better off as friends with that person and in those cases, friendship should be fine because they know dating didn't work out for them. But if he wants to spend time with her, make sure he invites you. They shouldn't need to spend alone time together at one-anothers houses. If they go out to dinner or the movies, just watch that he's not treating her as a girlfriend (ie: paying and making everything perfect). If you meet her and spend time with both of them, maybe you'll become friends with her and understand their friendship a little more.

    Best of luck. :)

    • Thanks.

      I'm just worried because he really loved her, they were close before they got together so that's why I am worried.

    • Well if they honestly split on his terms, whether he loved her or not, he's choosing to move on. Just make sure he wouldn't cheat on you. That's the most important thing.

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