I still love him. But he's a druggie. =/

Let me just say I'm not being judgmental when it comes to people and the certain addictions that they may have. OK not here's the deal:

-I went out with a guy about 3 years ago, and we had a healthy break up, but we knew we loved each other

-He then goes out with this girl for two years, which I didn't know about until we started fully talking again.

-After we got back to a great friendship, he finally tells me about his relationship with her, and how he doesn't think that they are right for each other because they would break up then get back together, and then it would start over again.

-One day I got the courage to ask him how he feels about me.

-He told me "It's weird...the way I feel about you, It's not a bad feeling though. I don't know if you're just a friend or something more. "

-He was always kind of the classic bad boy, he would find trouble with the law, but when he would be with the girl he likes, he would tone it down because she made him happy.

-He's a huge druggie now. He would get high almost every day. And I still love him so much, and I want to go out with him so badly, because what we had was so real. But I'm not sure how I would be able to deal with him doing things like this on a constant basis.

-When we used to go out, I didn't try to change him in any way, and I would be able to handle the bad things he would do. But he found that he would try not to do things like that as much because he didn't want to hurt me.

-So I'm stuck, should I try to keep it just as friends, because the things he does may hurt me? Or should I try and fight for his love again, because there is that SLIGHT chance that he would tone it down a bit when he is with me?

AGAIN, I'm not trying to change him. I'm really at a cross roads with this, If I didn't explain it well enough, then let me know what needs to be clarified.



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  • clearly you love him but you can't stop an adiction and even he can't stop it. if you DONT want to get hurt by the things he does I wouldn't even get near him becouse that's what drugs do they mess up your life

    • thats true, because on the flip side. it's like he's MY addiction. ^_^

      i do love him, and it would be really hard to let him go


  • Firstly weed isn't a drug if that's what you are talking about. Secondly, this is coming from what you would call a pot head. OK first things first do not break them apart in any way shape or form let them do it themselves or him do it. Second of all I am not sure he will tone it down for you but you can always do this the easy way and just ask him to not smoke around you at all and mae sure that goes to him clearly and hold firm with your decision. Lastly, smoking almost every day is not what I would call a stoner

    • yea I admit that I'm not really great on the terminology for the subject of drugs. I know he's tried other stuff, but he just smokes weed alot, and deals. I have asked him to not smoke/be high around me and he's fine with that. this is going to sound lame, but I just don't want to feel like he will be bored around me, or that I'm ruining his fun because he won't be able to get high around me. I don't wanna be selfish but at the same time, I wanna be with him when he's FULLY PRESENT. make sense?

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