Is my curiosity going to break us up?

Well, I've been in a nice relationship for some while. Over a month ago I posted in this website for help on my ex cheating. Well, I'm in a new relationship and I really want this one to last. This relationship is actually with a very good friend that I've known half my life and we have tried dating in the past but didn't have the time for a partner. Now we're starting good and He makes me happy. But Also, Lately, I've been more so curious to my same sex. I'm starting to get more attracted to women. I've always had a certain thought of it all but never let it become too much of itself. Now I finally had a talk with my partner, and he says he'll support whatever choice I make.. As a friend. I don't want to lose him but the wanting of something else has been here for a solid while. I thought I'd just let it die out but..

Well, For the record, I don't plan on dating another woman while dating him. I just want him to know I'm open to both roads, but he wants me to stay straight and pure. I can't blame him for it but I sometimes just want ... hers.

I'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense, I'm not at the best peak. just confused. So should I stay with him and bury this or go off and be just a little more happier?


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  • It's cheating even if it's with the same sex, in fact it's worse because it's like you're saying he's not good enough for you because he's not a girl...

  • If he doesn't make you happy then you shouldn't stay with him.


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