He is cheating on me and a guy said he loves me - what do I do?

The love of my life is cheating on me I know because I see her every were at his work when I try and go see him I see her with him then I see her outside our apartment then he says he is going out then I see him get in her car it breaks my heart and today he said he had to work but I called his work his boss and he said that they don't work Christmas I wanna crawl in a ball and die so I told my best friend yesterday and he's coming over today he keeps saying he loves me and he said he loved me to much to let me spend the holiday alone but if I say I love him back won't I be cheating on my bf? I don't know what to do

Thank you all for your advice all of you said I should leave him so I did I broke up with him about 9 days ago. He's crazy he didn't want me to leave so he locked me in my room I called the police then I called my two best friends Danny and Lizy
im staying with Lizy and danny is the guy who says he loves me so he comes to see me everyday but I'm not ready to date yet oh and the girl my boyfriend was seeing keeps saying that I'm a bitch for sending him to jail, story of my life.


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  • For a start, you need to get rid of your cheating boyfriend. That's a major hinderance that'll start to get you back into a good life.

    Once that is out of the way, take some much deserved chill out time. Gather your thoughts and determine what type of guy you do want in your life. Think hard about this one - what qualities etc etc.

    And be careful you don't get into a rebound relationship with your friend - that's probably what you don't need right now.

    • thank you that was very good advice :)

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  • You should leave your boyfriend. It's not okay for him to cheat on you, and if he truly cared, he wouldn't be. Don't tell your friend anything right now. It sounds like you need to take some time to yourself and figure things out first.

  • The love of your life is a piece of poop & you need to kick him to the curb.


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