Have I wrecked any chance with my ex?

Me and my boyfriend split up a few days ago... he was treating me badly (being taken for granted etc) so I was upset, went out did the the typical get drunk kiss another guy... trouble is I wanted my ex to sort himself out and us get back together, so we'd split up I technically did nothing wrong. HOWEVER I've later found out people who are friends with my ex saw us AND the guy has a girlfriend who is friends with my ex :S :S :S she will like kill me.

What do I do? For the record I've been beating myself up about this, I know I've been a b**** but I'm not a bad person :/ I feel sick to the stomach over the whole situation.


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  • Well you didn't know the guy had a girlfriend so your not the one at fault here... he is and since your ex and you were split up, then you really didn't do anything wrong. But if you really want your ex back, well kissing someone else isn't exactly the best way to do that. Give yourself some space from your ex, disappear off his radar and he will start to miss you and reminisce about your relationship.


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  • I have done the same thing as you,... And my ex doesn't want 2 talk 2 me anymore., Happpend a week a go.. But I thought I wanted him back, but if he can forget me so fast I don't want him either. Maybe you want him because you can't get him? That's what happend 2 me I think.. You deserve a man who can treat you well.. Don't forget that! And don't feel sick about the hole thing, you haven't done anything wrong... It was over!

    • Yeah that's true, it was such a big mistake though and I know alcohol is no excuse but in my case I am genuinely not the type of person who would do that sober :( I know it was over but it doesn't stop you beating yourself up over it does it! Anyway thank you and good luck with your situation too :)

  • everybody can make mistake I'm not saying yours was bad but don't beat yourself up text or call him to set up a meeting so yal can talk and see what needs to happen to work out..AND the Girl I WILL BEAT HER ASS FOR YOU


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