Why is my ex randomly making an effort to talk?

I sent out a mass Christmas earlier this week to my whole phone book. he replied and kept carrying on conversation, congratulating me on getting into different colleges and all that. I resisted the conversation for a while but eventually I gave in because I really like talking to him.

We talked till around 1 and he didn't text back. then responded the late afternoon still making an effort with the same conversation. then he didn't reply back till ten last night and we talked till 2 in the morning.

The conversation died and I saw him and his sister the next night. Me and her drew a picture of him and put under his bedroom door.

The morning after (yesterday morning) he texted me asking who drew the picture and carried on with that conversation and we've been talking since. He stops talking every couple hours because he's with family and replied when he can still making an effort to talk

He kept bringing up things we talked about in the past like marriage and talks about how he hopes hell get married. I could tell he was enjoying talking to me but I don't know what this is all leading up to. Him and his girlfriend broke up in September after a year and she was the rebound off of our relationship but I feel like he is trying to rebound now with me maybe?

No matter what for the past two years I can't get over him, I get close but he's still in my heart and talking to him felt like things were exactly how they were when we were good and dating

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  • He probably just wants to hook up but make it to a friend thing


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