Why did my ex boyfriend do this?

So my ex dumped me 2 years ago, and a couple of weeks ago we bumped into each other. The whole night he was touching me and leaned down and kissed me. He did everything he remembered I loved. I don’t get it: he dumped me because he just felt nothing for me anymore, because he thought I was wrong for him, but suddenly he’s all over me? We haven’t remained in contact over the years either. It was a terrible breakup.
UPDATE: since that night he hasn’t spoken to me


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  • Haha this is a classic example of him using you for sex

    Thats exactly what i would do. If i wanted to. Like think about it. He purposly did every thing you liked so he could fuck you because he wanted some ass. After he got what he wanted he left. You hella got used. He knew he had a chance with you so he took it

    Bet money he'll hit you up again and try to do the same thing in like a week or so

    • But I said no to sleeping with him though

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    • You seem to have good insight which I’m thankful for, have a quick question, I may bump into him again at a party next week, if I do, how should I act? Straight up avoid or friendly smile and avoid?
      What would drive him crazy?

    • Just ignore him. Just like he is ignoring you. If he tries to talk to you just tell that foo no and you're not interested.

      Cause he only has those intentions

      But dont be suprised if he doesn't even talk to you if you do see him. Because he already knows you dont want to have sex with him. Damn near every dude, if not all, go to parties to hook up. Since he knows you dont want to fuck i dont see him trying to get you again when there are other girls there

      And i dont think you can drive him crazy. I've had girls say stuff to me when they were mad because they wanted to get me mad for whatever reason and i gave no shit because i never cared about them. You see what im saying. If i were you id just act like i never knew him and move on haha

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  • He was probably hoping to get lucky. Probably got dumped himself and needed some nookie. You are lucky not getting back with him again. He dumped you once, he would probably do it again if he gets a better offer.


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  • Sexual attraction and emotional attachment are two different things

    • Does it change anything if I add in that he opened up to me a lot about his personal issues, real reason as to breaking up with me, asked about my family, told me about his, even admitted that just a week ago he was talking to one our friends about me (we weren’t talking when this happened)

  • Did you ask him why he was behaving that way? How far did things go when you met recently?

    • The furthest things went sexually was kissing. I said no to sex. We cuddled as well

    • Perhaps he felt attracted to you that night but later realized that reuniting would be a mistake.

  • He’s only horny. Never have anything to do with an ex


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